Inspiration for Overland

Mark Stephen Levy, author of OVERLAND

I once took a sabbatical from the everyday working world and went on a round-the-world journey from Europe & Morocco, to India, Nepal & Tibet. Anyone would have had profound and life changing transformations to have been on a journey like this, as did I.

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Meet the Author

Mark Stephen Levy outside his home in Denver, Colorado. Levy recently published his first book, “Overland”

Mark Stephen Levy extracted certain portions of his traveling adventures from his own love story, which was partly the inspiration for his first novel, OVERLAND. Levy was born and raised in Los Angeles, and moved to Denver, Colorado 14 years ago. OVERLAND is Levy’s first published work, but plans to write several more novels, and looks to develop OVERLAND as a screenplay in the near future. He is passionate about transforming OVERLAND into the big screen because he feels that the story is the kind of sweeping epic that would translate wonderfully into film that audiences from all demographics and from around the world would enjoy.

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“Fasten your seat belts and get ready to experience a spiritual, romantic and thrilling journey with Overland.”  Read more 


Mark’s Overland is one book after reading which I felt like picking up my backpack and heading to the hills for an adventurous journey. The saying that the journey matters more than the destination cannot be truer than in the story narrated by him. Read more


A Journey Called …


Love adventure? Travelling?
Have the courage to leave behind all the strings of the material world and go for an unknown path that may lead you to more uncertainty than you can ever think of?

Bastab Chakraborty, Between the Lines, Kolkata, India

Levy has done an excellent job of transporting the reader from the U.S. through Europe, India, Nepal, and Tibet. You experience romance, unrequited love, dreams, fear, and true love within an action packed, page turning romantic novel. The sensitivity and expressiveness Levy displays are exceptional. You can feel the fear and apprehension with the bombs and enemy troops and share the passion and excitement of romance.”

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