After spending all those days alone in Kaziranga, I spent a very nice day with actual people. It had been about a week since being social, and it felt good, real good. IMG_20160412_140255_editDhiya, who I met in Gangtok, and lives in Guwahati, set up a plan to meet up April 12th, and so she arranged the day with her cousin and cousin’s boyfriend and we went to the Brahmaputra River and took a quick ferry crossing to Peacock Island where the Umananda Hindu temple sits at the top of the small island in the middle of this massive river.IMG_20160412_141958_hdrIMG_20160412_160013

It was a very fun and spiritual day as we prayed in the various small Hindu temples within the temple grounds. IMG_20160412_150726We concluded this great day with a thali dinner at my hotel. I forgot what it was like to be with people, nice people, and soothed my soul doing so. I left the next day for Chennai but this day left a very pleasant feeling for Guwahati, which initially was merely a transit stop. Moral of the traveler’s story: you just never know what is going to happen one day to the next!IMG_20160412_180348

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