Mark Stephen Levy, author of OVERLAND

I once took a sabbatical from the everyday working world and went on a round-the-world journey from Europe & Morocco, to India, Nepal & Tibet. Anyone would have had profound and life changing transformations to have been on a journey like this, as did I.

I went from being a salaryman to living out of a backpack. This adventure was a brief moment in time, comparatively speaking. Yet, it was such an astonishing and celebrated journey. I spent almost two years living the life of a vagabond, a drifter. All of these experiences and images were magical and extraordinary, even though many were as ordinary as watching an old woman gathering wood for the night’s fire 15000 feet high in a tiny village in Nepal. Now that was magical.

Years later, an idea came to me and I was finally enabled to write a fictional account of this time. Recalling and integrating certain portions of the journey made the story such a pleasure to write. The rest was the wildest flow of imagination in my life! I am happy to share that story, the story that is OVERLAND.