Mark Stephen Levy outside his home in Denver, Colorado. Levy recently published his first book, “Overland”

Mark Stephen Levy extracted certain portions of his traveling adventures from his own love story, which was partly the inspiration for his first novel, OVERLAND. Levy was born and raised in Los Angeles, and moved to Denver, Colorado 14 years ago. OVERLAND is Levy’s first published work, but plans to write several more novels, and looks to develop OVERLAND as a screenplay in the near future. He is passionate about transforming OVERLAND into the big screen because he feels that the story is the kind of sweeping epic that would translate wonderfully into film that audiences from all demographics and from around the world would enjoy.

He wishes that after reading the book, his readers will be stirred enough to somehow devote a greater length of time to travel than the customary one week, and be tempted to travel to more exotic locations. He says, “Not only would any one of these places change the way you think, it would give you the perspective of where you live when you return home and to inspire you to a greater good or cause. Most importantly, you will finally meet up with someone you’ve wanted to know forever…you!”

Nepal, 1985