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“Fasten your seat belts and get ready to experience a spiritual, romantic and thrilling journey with Overland.”  Read more 


Mark’s Overland is one book after reading which I felt like picking up my backpack and heading to the hills for an adventurous journey. The saying that the journey matters more than the destination cannot be truer than in the story narrated by him. Read more


A Journey Called …


Love adventure? Travelling?
Have the courage to leave behind all the strings of the material world and go for an unknown path that may lead you to more uncertainty than you can ever think of?

Bastab Chakraborty, Between the Lines, Kolkata, India

Levy has done an excellent job of transporting the reader from the U.S. through Europe, India, Nepal, and Tibet. You experience romance, unrequited love, dreams, fear, and true love within an action packed, page turning romantic novel. The sensitivity and expressiveness Levy displays are exceptional. You can feel the fear and apprehension with the bombs and enemy troops and share the passion and excitement of romance.”

-From Maralyn Hill’s review of Overland, President, International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association:, USA


Mark Stephen Levy takes his traveling adventures and his personal love story as he creates an incredible Masterpiece of war, history, and romance. The main character, Danny Benson is a man who makes the reader turn the pages as fast as the speed of lightning, and has the type of personality that would make your heart melt. As he rides the Magic Bus to Afghanistan in desperate search to find the woman he loves, along with answers to many questions about their relationship, unexpected circumstances changes his life forever. I highly recommend this novel to all fiction, historical fiction, and adventure lovers. The sweet scent of sizzling romance blossoms like a rose as the reader is taken on an interesting journey through the culture and beauty of different countries. Challenges are taken through many twists-and-turns, while war is looming as the pages become covered in drama. The plot is captivating, the story is delightful and the fascinating characters come to life in this unique, emotional roller-coaster ride. The author paints each page with excitement, danger, sorrow, and happiness.

-Posted by Author Geri Ahearn USA

Overland is a fun, exciting and wonderful book to read that integrates historical romance, with an adventurous love story. Captivating, an emotional journey on the “magic bus” to find love, amidst war and turmoil in foreign lands.

-Posted by April L, USA

“I may not know how to describe the novel ” OVERLAND” concisely to convey its successes, but I can say that I’m in love with this ” love story”.
It’s a stunning accomplishment as a whole..
One of my Favorite Books of the year.. 🙂 easily ” OVERLAND” is a mesmerizing tale.. Important and entertaining, I was ” super… sad” to finish this story….(and I would like to see what happens next).

-Posted by Monia Al-Hobishy , Saudi Arabia

The characters are well developed and the reader soon becomes attached — particularly to Danny. The descriptions of the various locations are full and captivating, letting the reader take them in with all senses. In the end, we celebrate along with the main character and share fully in his joy. Overland is a great story, full of adventure, humor, and life and death situations that put the reader on the edge of his or her seat.
-Posted by Martha Jette, Canada

“Your story was so intoxicating…your writing so picturesque without being wordy, the locales were postcard perfect, you really not just painted the image with your words, but I could hear the sounds and smell the scents of each scene that you described…I really felt as though I was there, as though I was Danny. I adore Emily, even the briefly introduced Anna. That’s what I mean, you described each character, that they became people in my world. I even found myself weeping at the Tea Garden when they embrace at the end. And although you realistically described the horrific personal tradgies of war, I loved the way the doctors and towns folks were united and had the intimate relationships that this environment created. And you made it realistic but not gory where you want to skip thru it, I wanted to read every word because even with the bad you worked in a bit of compassion/good over evil/humanity at it’s best a the time when it was it’s worst. And the village story where Emily and Danny have their hut was such a romantic and perfectly time respite from the realistic war. From the birth then it went to the war and threat of death but ended in the escape…I just didn’t want to put it down but at the same time I didn’t want to read it too fast because each section was so wonderful I didn’t want it to end. Your story has everything…one minute I was laughing, then teary-eyed. This would make one heck of a movie, like “The Notebook” quality movie.

-Posted by Jennifer Foust, USA

“Mark, I just finished your book! What a page-turner! You did a fantastic job!”

-Posted by Lindsey Landis, USA

What a magical story! Mark not only gives us a story about love, he also provides action, adventure, and suspense. I found this book to flow as I turned each page and was taken away to far away places by Mark’s vivid descriptions and incorporation of historical events. I would highly recommend this book to fans of all genres for its appeal to entertain the reader and keep you hooked all the way to the end.

-Posted by Sara Stevens, USA

Engaging, entertaining and thrilling.

Sometimes all you expect out of a book is to have fun reading it. You want
it to pulsate, hold your attention, make sense and have an element of surprise-
this book has it all.

On the last day of med school exam, Danny Benson receives a letter from his
fiancée Heather. The girl he wants to marry informs him that the engagement is
off. Danny isn’t satisfied and your home bird sets off on an adventure to find
Heather. He takes the Magic Bus and though he finds his fiancée, he suddenly is
caught in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and loses her again. Helping treat
the injured in a make shift hospital, he discovers true love in the form of
Emily- the girl he met during a childhood trip to Ireland.

The writing is simple and easy to read. Initially I expected the book to
deal in detail with each and every destination the Magic Bus stopped at, i.e.
more like a travel book(the blurb does say the author was inspired by his
travels), but the book doesn’t. It is fast paced thriller.

The book is tightly packed and at no time do you feel that the author has
taken liberty to make it easy(or difficult) for the protagonist- the story
progresses naturally. Initially you get the impression of passing through too
many places rather too quickly, which we do. The book first takes us to London
and from there we transverse across Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and the
book concludes rather romantically and fate-slapped in Kathmandu.

The characters are easy to understand and relate to. The book does not seem
boring or a drag at any point. You might have guessed the ending, but it is
still exciting. You can see where the inspiration from traveling comes in.
Unlike other authors, Levy does not try to paint the Orient in bright romantic
hues, he stays grounded.

A paperback which you can read while traveling(took me about a couple of
hours to finish it), it is worth it. There are enough twists and turns to keep
you guessing and immersed.

Review by Vishesh Unni, Chennai, India